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08:22 pm: Less than 30 more days...
I can't believe I only have less than 30 days until I run my half marathon at Disney. I must be completely insane...hopefully if I die, it'll be after I cross the finish line :) Right now the longest I've run (run/walk) is 7 1/2 miles and tomorrow I'm doing 9 miles...still not at 13.1

If you feel like getting up early in the morning (3a for you Cali folks) you can watch me run online or you can have my times sent to you thru email, text message and phone I think. You just need to go here http://www.doitsports.com/results/MSG-signup.tcl?sub_event_id=4448 and sign up. Not sure if you search for me by my name or by my bib number which is 35983. You can also find out how I do at http://www.disneyworldmarathon.com and click on the results page

Wish me luck!

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
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